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Welcome to dk.trackmap.net!

This is a collection of track maps for Danish railways.


The maps

Historic maps

Other Danish track map resources

Beginning in 2002, the Danish national railway agency Banestyrelsen has put on the web Tjenestekøreplanens Indledende Bemærkninger for most of the state-owned railway lines. This publication (whose title translates to something like "opening remarks for the working timetable") consists of simplified track diagrams (excluding shunting tracks and other local tracks), annotated with the positions of every station, main signal, and level crossing along the line, running distances, and permanent speed limits for all main routes.

This link worked the day I wrote this but may be obsolete now (please tell me if you notice this happens!). Otherwise, try starting at www.bane.dk and click "Togoperatør", "Jernbanekanaler", "Data om infrastrukturen", and "Strækningsinformation (TIB)".


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