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Track map for Lolland-Falster

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This map shows the railways south of Næstved. Most of these are on Lolland-Falster, and island pair south of Sealand. Notable is the main line towards Germany to Rødby Færge where the ferries to Puttgarten take over.

The map also shows »Lollandsbanen«, a private railway servicing the main cities on the island of Lolland. At Maribo the Museum railway to Bandholm branches off.

The map shows the track layout at Rødby Færge just before the international freight towards Germany moved to the Storebælt bridge on June 1, 1997. After this date the station will only be used by day EuroCity connections to Hamburg and regional trains. Since all of those are DMU or push-pull trains, the many shunting tracks are not used at all, and the only tracks currently in service are the ones surrounding the northern platform finger.

Until the mid-1990's the international trains to Berlin were ferried across the Baltic Sea from Gedser. Then, for a couple of yeas, they went via Hamburg (!) and now they are completely discontinued. There is some regular noise about having a private train operator restart the direct København-Berlin service, but getting the financial side to fit together seems to be problematic.

In practise the Gedser line is as good as abandoned, serviced only by a single passenger train pair each weekday (and that mainly because totally ceasing to service it would require an act of parliament).

Sources log

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Platform at Døllefjelde-Musse seen on cab ride video on dr.dk, October 2012.
Nykøbing F - Gedser
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